Mechanical Engineering - machines


Adjustment - machine tools
Agricultural systems and equipment
Agriculture and forestry - machinery and equipment
Air compressors - Tools and accessories
Air compressors
Air conditioning - aeration and ventilation equipment
Air conditioning equipment
Air filters
Air purification - equipment and systems
Air treatment - equipment and systems
Aluminium - joinery machinery and equipment
Amusement parks - equipment and installations
Automation - systems and equipment
Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment
Bakery ovens
Bellows - machine tools
Bending machine tools
Beverage industry - machinery and equipment
Binding - machinery and equipment
Bins - tanks and hampers - goods handling
Blast cleaning equipment
Boilers - domestic
Boilers - industrial
Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment
Brewing - machinery and equipment
Brick-making - machinery and equipment
Broaches - machine tools
Building materials manufacture - machinery and equipment
Burners - domestic heating
Burners - industrial
Butchery - machinery and equipment
Carwash systems
Catering - machinery and equipment
Centrifugal pumps
Ceramic manufacturing - machinery and equipment
Cheese-making machinery
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
Chimneys - industrial
Cleaning machines - industrial
Clothing industry - machinery and equipment
Cold cuts and prepared meats - machinery and equipment
Cold rooms
Compactors and crushers
Concrete forms
Concrete preparing - machinery and equipment
Connectors - pneumatic
Construction cranes
Construction machinery
Construction site installations and equipment
Convectors and radiators - domestic
Conveyor belts
Conveyors - overhead and floor
Cooling towers
Cosmetics industry - machinery and equipment
Cranes and gantries
Crop-protection systems - hail
Crushing and grinding machinery
Cutters - paper
Cutting - machine tools
Cylinders - combustion engines
Cylinders - pneumatic
Dairies - machinery and equipment
Demolition - machinery and equipment
Diamond tools
Diamonds - industrial
Diesel engines
Diggers - mechanical
Dip painting - machinery and installations
Dough mixers for bread- and pastry-making
Driers - industrial
Drill bits and countersinks
Drilling and test boring - equipment
Dry-cleaning machines
Dust extraction installations and equipment
Dustbins - waste bins
Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing
Electrical winding
Electroplating - machines
Energy - production plants and equipment
Engine testing and regulating equipment - electronic
Engines - internal combustion - components and parts
Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment
Environmental protection - machines and equipment
Explosion-proof - equipment
Farm machines
Filtering equipment and supplies
Filters - liquid
Finishing of surfaces - machinery
Fire extinguishers
Fire protection equipment
Flour milling - machinery and equipment
Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment
Food industry - machinery and equipment
Forklift trucks
Foundries - machinery and installations
Freight lifts
Furnaces - ovens and kilns - electric
Garages and service stations - equipment and installations
Gardening and horticulture - machinery and equipment
Gas - production plants
Gas and oil pipelines - installations
Glass and ceramic manufacturing - machinery and equipment
Glass manufacturing - machinery and equipment
Goods handling systems - continuous
Goods waggons
Grape-growing - machinery and equipment
Greasing equipment
Greenhouses - installations
Greenhouses and cold frames
Ham-slicers for butchers and delicatessens
Handling of goods - motorized vehicles
Handling of goods - rolling equipment
Heat exchangers
Heating - domestic - installations and equipment
Heating - industrial - installations and equipment
Hoisting brackets - cranes
Hollow punches
Hot-air generators
Hotels - bars - cafes and restaurants - machinery and equipment
Hydraulic brakes
Hydraulic clutches
Hydraulic equipment
Hydroelectric power stations - installations and equipment
Industrial sprayers for surface treatment
Injection - plastics - machinery
Injection pumps and systems
Iron and steel industry and foundries - machines and installation
Irrigation and sprinkling systems
Irrigation systems
Jacks - hydraulic
Jacks - pneumatic
Joints - hydraulic
Knitting machines and accessories - industrial
Labelling machines
Laundry and dry cleaning machinery and equipment - industrial
Leather and skins - industrial machinery
Leatherwork - fine - industrial machinery
Lifting equipment - accessories
Lifting equipment
Lifts and escalators
Lightning rods
Livestock raising - machinery and equipment
LPG - industrial installations
Lubrication equipment and machinery
Machine tools - metal machining - parts and accessories
Machine tools - metal machining
Machine tools - metal shaping - parts and accessories
Machine tools - metal shaping
Machinery and equipment - used and reconditioned
Mandrels and tailstocks
Marble work - machinery
Marking and labelling machinery
Marking machines
Meats - butchery and delicatessen - machinery and equipment
Mechanical engineering - custom work
Mechanical surface treatment - machinery
Mechanical transmission systems and components
Metal industrial presses
Metaljoinery - wrought-iron - machinery and equipment
Mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment
Mobile cranes
Nuclear power stations - installations and equipment
Offset printing machinery
Oil refining - installations and equipment
Ovens - kilns - furnaces and hearths - industrial
Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment
Paint spray guns and accessories
Painting machinery and equipment
Paper - processing machinery
Paper and cardboard manufacturing - machinery and equipment
Paper cutting - machinery and equipment
Pastry-making - machinery and equipment
Petrochemical industry - installations and equipment
Petrol engines
Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment
Platform hoists
Pneumatic system components
Pneumatic systems and tools
Poultry farming - machinery and equipment
Presses - hydraulic
Printing and setting - machinery and equipment
Printing presses
Process cameras
Racks and bins
Radiators - engine
Radiators - fin-type
Reaming - machine tools
Recycling - machines and installations
Refrigeration plants and equipment - commercial and industrial
Refuse collection trucks
Road - beach and ski-slope maintenance - machinery and equipment
Rubber - industrial machinery and equipment
Sack trolleys
Safety equipment - work
Salt spreaders
Sawmills - machinery and equipment
Sealing rings
Seals and packing material
Sewing machines and accessories - industrial
Shelving - storage
Shoes - industrial machinery
Ski lifts - chair lifts and cable cars
Ski runs - maintenance equipment
Smoke extraction systems - fire protection
Spare parts for diesel engines
Speed variators and reducers
Spraying equipment - agricultural
Stamping - plastics - machinery
Stitching machines and accessories
Storage and collection of waste - equipment
Storage equipment and systems
Stoves - heating
Surface treatment - machinery and equipment
Swimming pools - equipment and installations for water treatment
Tanneries - machinery
Tempering furnaces
Textiles - finishing - printing and dyeing machinery
Textiles - preparation - spinning and weaving machinery
Tobacco industry - machinery and equipment
Tools - pneumatic
Tractors - caterpillar
Tractors and trailers - agricultural
Transmission belts
Travelling cranes
Tree-growing machinery and equipment
Turbine-driven power stations - installations and equipment
Tyre manufacturing and re-treading machinery
Used machines and equipment
Vacuum cleaners - industrial
Vacuum pumps
Valves for pneumatic equipment
Vehicle brakes
Ventilators and fans - industrial
Vibrators - industrial - installations
Viticulture systems and equipment
Waste sorting - machines and equipment
Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations
Water desalination equipment
Water extraction - systems and equipment
Water treatment - industrial - plant and equipment
Waxing machines - industrial
Weaving - machinery and equipment
Welding - plastics - machinery
Welding - soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies
Welding electric - equipment and supplies
Wire drawing and wire rod working machines
Woodworking - machinery and equipment