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Linea vetro
Artistic glasswork - molten glass murano glass - engraving
Art labò di anna paola cesarini
Crafted glass doors, walls - mosaics decorative objects
Atelier lorin
Stain glass window creators since 1983. in usa, middle east, south america and europe. window restoration and mosaics.
A tool, men, the secrets of glass. glass in all its forms, curved glass, tempered glass, glass enamelling
zi du Moulin a Vent 27210 Boulleville - FRANCE - Tel: +33 232 57 74 34
Grassi vetrate artistiche srl
Leaded stained glass windows for churches and interior decoration worldwide exports expert appointed by milan courts assistance for painters
39, v. Piranesi - 20137 Milano - ITALY - Tel: +39 0270 102 804 - Fax: +39 0270 102 804
Marchini marco
Artistic glazing, sacred art trompe l'oeil - all custom made.
Il vetraio snc
Window panes, doors, maintenance artistic glass windows - various items
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